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AUTODISTRIBUTION : Le spécialiste de la pièce auto et poids lourds

The "AD Technology" concept: the Autodistribution solution for all repair professionals!

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March 2012

Since its launch only two years ago at the 2009 Equip'Auto trade fair, the "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme developed by the Autodistribution group - the French and European leader in the independent distribution of car and heavy goods vehicle parts - has become the essential parts range on the market. Thanks to an increasingly wide range of products, acknowledged quality and competitive prices, Autodistribution is the partner for the future for repair professionals in this very specific segment.

The "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme, an exclusive offer from the specialist in independent repairs and distribution

Almost two years ago, and faithful to its aim of providing its customers with comprehensive solutions offering high added value, the Autodistribution group launched its "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme  built around 3 main focuses: a technical service through its technical platforms, a training service provided by the AD Institute and sales support marketing tools intended to popularise the range of technical parts among repair professionals. These product ranges, which until now were the prerogative of car manufacturers, are seen as an important lever of growth not only for the group but also for repair professionals who until now had to obtain their supplies from the manufacturers.


A wide range of products and new developments

The "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme currently consists of more than 2,000 references divided into 25 product families. During the 2011 Equip'Auto trade fair, Autodistribution extended its technical service with 6 new innovative products. The first of these developments saw the arrival of both additive- and catalyst-based particle filters (FAP). The second concerns the introduction of additive- and catalyst-based particle filter sensors allowing Autodistribution to offer a complete "FAP package" including the particle filter, the FAP additive, the fastening kit and the relevant sensor. Also in the sensor family, Autodistribution has introduced its tyre pressure sensor. Finally, the AD Technology Technical Parts" programme has recently launched 9 new Euro 5 EGR valve references.


Accompaniment and sales support

The quality procedure characterising the "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme not only involves the creation of a network of renovation platforms but also the creation of storekeeper/salesperson training courses provided by the AD Institute. The range is completed by the sale of parts via the website and the development of diagnostic solutions interfaced with its technical portal (DIAG'ISSIMO). This programme also provides relevant sales support tools, including the "multi-brand technical parts" catalogue providing details of the ranges available to professionals.




"The high added value of the "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme has positioned the Autodistribution Group as a specialist in Technical Parts. We have seen our turnover go through the roof in this segment, and we have noticed real recognition on the part of our customers. One of the revolutions is rooted in parts searching via our catalogues - either hard copy or on Autossimo - which include all our equipment manufacturers. It's a real time saver! With the "training" section, storekeepers have considerably more power. In launching the "AD Technology Technical Parts" programme two years ago the Autodistribution Group made a commitment to a sustainable and progressive quality initiative."

Vincent Etienne, Regional Director, AD Normandie Maine


"The "AD Technology" concept has a better-placed overall product range than that of the Manufacturers, and we are starting to see imitations on the Technical Parts market. The Group now has real credibility with its customers, and is developing a reputation for expertise and product quality. The development initiative is both internal, with training for storekeepers and salespeople, and externally, with promotional campaigns and effective sales support tools for boosting our sales. We are also supported by regional networks, which guarantees that the programme is rolled out effectively. The Technical Parts product range is developing and improving strongly, taking its lead from the enhancement of part references in Autossimo, which means that the right part can be identified every time. The Autodistribution Group has developed a programme of excellence in order to become the preferred partner for repair professionals in this segment."

Stéphane Joubin, Sales and Marketing Manager, AD SMAG


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The Autodistribution Group in brief

Founded in 1962, the Autodistribution group is a European leader in the field of independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. It generates a turnover of 1.1 billion euros. The group is present in France with its subsidiary Autodistribution, in Poland with its subsidiary AD Polska and in Italy with its subsidiary AD Italia, while it also holds minority interests in Morocco.

In France, Autodistribution is the leader in the field of independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. It has a total workforce of 4,800 employees and generates a turnover of more than 1 billion euros. Alongside its distribution activities, the Autodistribution Group is also the number one independent car repairer via its Garage AD Expert, Garage AD, Autoservice AD, Bodyshop AD, Autoprimo and Staff Auto brands, and the number one independent HGV repairer with its AD HGV garages and outlets. You can find all AD garages at


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