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AUTODISTRIBUTION : Le spécialiste de la pièce auto et poids lourds

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Management team

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Autodistribution is a company with a Board of Directors and Supervisory Board:

  • Olivier ROUX : Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Stéphane Antiglio : Chairman of the Board

Executive Committee

  • Stéphane ANTIGLIO : Chairman of the Board
  • Christian AMIRAULT : Purchasing Centre Director
  • Murielle ANDRE : Human Resources Director
  • Nicolas Bencteux : Director of LV Subsidiaries
  • Stéphane Danthon : Director of Information Systems
  • Laurent DESROUFFET : Commercial & Network Director
  • Emmanuel DUVERGER : Legal Director
  • Christophe GOUTHIERE : Administrative and Financial Director
  • Pascal PARET : HGV Activities Director
  • Bruno TIPHINE : Strategy & Development Director
The networks
  • Thierry MICHEL : Chairman of the AD LV Network
  • Jean-Gabriel OLIVIER : Chairman of the AD HGV Network