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AUTODISTRIBUTION : Le spécialiste de la pièce auto et poids lourds

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The AD service delivery platform: a strategic service for AD bodyshops.

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March 2012

Launched in 2001 by the Autodistribution Group - the French and European leader in the independent distribution of parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles - the AD service delivery platform is strengthening its organisation. It is a service dedicated both to AD bodyshops and to Business Providers, and it is designed to manage collision repair volumes within the AD bodyshop network and channel them appropriately. Its business activity and new organisation are right in the spotlight.

Support services for AD bodyshops

The AD service delivery platform is a support mechanism both for AD repair specialists and Business Providers, which centralises all documents (insurance claims, invoices, expert reports, etc.) and payments. For AD bodyshops, it provides management support for the administration of AD bodyshop activities, meets daily requirements relating to Business Provider processes and makes centralised payments. For Business Providers, the platform negotiates and processes all work in progress, from home-maintenance to accident and billing management. Its activities relate to certification of invoices, centralised payment, home service and network incidents.


Meeting the demands of a huge increase in collision-repair volumes

As a result of a strong increase in collision-repair volumes (+ €30m in 3 years) and ever more complex customer demands, the AD service delivery platform developed a Business Provider hub in 2011, bringing together technical management and sales negotiation. Along with this, the platform was reorganised to give optimum support to the implementation of new services, such as home service or the management of network incidents. The result has been more responsibility and autonomy, and the creation of a double set of skills. This new organisation coincides with the arrival of Céline Patou, appointed on 5th March to head up the Business Provider section. She is joining a team of 11 people, which will see further expansion over the next two years.


AD bodyshops can contact the AD service delivery platform from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday, on the following number: +33 1 69 79 88 50.


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The Autodistribution Group in brief

Founded in 1962, the Autodistribution group is a European leader in the field of independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. It generates a turnover of 1.1 billion euros. The group is present in France with its subsidiary Autodistribution, in Poland with its subsidiary AD Polska and in Italy with its subsidiary AD Italia, while it also holds minority interests in Morocco.


In France, Autodistribution is the leader in the field of independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. It has a total workforce of 4,800 employees and generates a turnover of more than 1 billion euros. Alongside its distribution activities, the Autodistribution Group is also the number one independent car repairer via its Garage AD Expert, Garage AD, Autoservice AD, Bodyshop AD, Autoprimo and Staff Auto brands, and in the field of heavy goods vehicle repairs with its AD HGV garages and outlets. You can find all the AD garages at


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