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Autodistribution presents the new version of Autossimo!A plethora of developments for the leading tool on the market!

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March 2012

The new version of Autossimo, the number one portal for automobile maintenance and repair, is online. Amongst the improvements are a more comprehensive catalogue, a new home page, a new shopping basket - and there is also a new graphic charter. The new version simplifies each stage, with easier navigation and an assisted parts search with more targeted results.


Guided, quick, precise and comprehensive identification

The Autossimo portal is an essential interface for repair professionals (access to technical data or collections of spare parts, on-line diagnostics or orders, etc.), and is used throughout the Autodistribution Group - the French and European leader in the independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. The new version is characterised by guided, quick and precise identification of parts using original data and a search by vehicle registration. The identification process aims to be more efficient and the search result refined. Say goodbye to errors, as the new version means that parts returns are reduced and precious time is saved. " Each stage of the process has been simplified, and the user is guided step by step," explains Luc Azilinon, Director of Internet Activities for the Autodistribution Group. "The new version is part of a committed quality approach. Autossimo must anticipate the needs of garages in order to offer them a comprehensive and efficient service". is a catalogue containing 1 million parts from equipment manufacturers around the world, for 90 vehicle brands and 35,000 LVs and LCVs. 2012 boasts 6 advantages:

1) Vehicle identification by registration

2) Quick access to product families

3) Easy access to part specifications, with even more precise exploded diagrams

4) Access to all technical information

5) Orders placed in just a few clicks with a visible "basket" function that can be modified at any time

6) A simplified estimate available in just a few clicks.


Functional improvements with a new look

With its new graphic charter, Autossimo has a new look to ensure that its service quality continues to improve. The tone is set as soon as you open the home page: well-spaced content, news, design... Autossimo has improved its accessibility and efficiency. One development is that navigation has been simplified, as can be seen in the visible "basket" function, which can be modified at any time from any page on the website. A genuine advantage to avoid losing the content of the page displayed.

These improvements are the result of the efforts of a specially dedicated team who work with repair professionals and are attentive to their needs. More modern and more practical, this new version illustrates the desire of the Autodistribution group to assert its position as the reference portal. Autossimo has taken up the challenge of providing a global response to the new challenges facing the car repair and maintenance sector in France.



"In a configuration in which almost 30% of our business is through Autossimo, distributor involvement is key to Autossimo's development. The distributors have been the driving force in this development, and have been involved in every step of the implementation process.

With the catalogue enhancement and the introduction of filters, parts identification is assisted, quick and reliable. As a result, we can highlight the parts available in stock and offer a quicker service to our customers. The parts search is now even more reliable and specific: in 80% of cases a single result is given. Finding any type of part is child's play! And garages also have access to specific availability, prices and instructions.

Simple, complete, efficient - and, above all, a service that is available 7 days a week! In the workshop we work with the Autossimo interface on a daily basis. For us it is the benchmark interface, because 90% of results come through this tool".


Christophe Le Flohic, AD Site Manager, Maine et Loire Angers


"The first thing we do every morning is connect to Autossimo. For us it is an essential tool. The proof is that we use it every day! We just have to type in the vehicle registration number to access the technical data, check the available stock and we get a very quick price estimate. No more interminable hanging on the end of a phone line to get information or place an order. Autossimo is both comprehensive and reliable, and it's incredible how much time we save! We order most of our parts using this tool, for delivery the same afternoon or the following morning. With the new version, parts identification is easier. Refined results, easier to read... Autossimo has got everything right!


Eric Bretel, Manager, Garage AD Expert, Bretel


"Autossimo allows us to make best use of our time, which is essential when, like us, you have a small team. With the new catalogue, parts identification is quick and easy. Another plus point is that delivery times are very short. With the comprehensive, multi-brand catalogue we can access all parts in just a few clicks. And the new version is designed to be even more effective. Autossimo is undeniably the tool best suited to meet our technical requirements and time constraints. It's so useful that we couldn't do without it any more."


Cédric Bernier, Manager, Garage Ascoux Automobile


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The Autodistribution Group in brief

Founded in 1962, the Autodistribution group is a European leader in the field of independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. It generates a turnover of 1.1 billion euros. The group is present in France with its subsidiary Autodistribution, in Poland with its subsidiary AD Polska and in Italy with its subsidiary AD Italia, while it also holds minority interests in Morocco.


In France, Autodistribution is the leader in the field of independent distribution of spare parts for cars and heavy goods vehicles. It has a total workforce of 4,800 employees and generates a turnover of more than 1 billion euros.

Alongside its distribution activities, the Autodistribution Group is also the number one independent car repairer via its Garage AD Expert, Garage AD, Bodyshop AD, Autoprimo and Staff Auto brands, and the number one independent HGV repairer with its AD HGV Garages and Outlets. You can find all AD garages at


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